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Πέμπτη, 7 Ιουλίου 2011

ΝΤΟΚΙΜΑΝΤΕΡ "ΣΕΙΡΗΝΕΣ'' Ο Σατανισμός στη ροκ Μουσική (Αγγλόφωνο) " "

A documentary Andrew created shortly upon leaving his up and coming band AXATAK and beginning a new chapter to his life experiences. Andrew did not have cancer when he did this video in 1989/90! This needs to be made clear. Andrew was diagnosed with stomach carcinoma mid year 92. He talks about the profound influences of rock music and the power/hold it had on him. You must remember Andrew lived an extreme life prior to embracing God in his life. Hence the reason it may appear to be extreme in someone's eyes the things he discusses and topics he challenges. We are all free to choose what we want to believe and embrace what we want to embrace. This is the beauty of man's free will.

MaryAndrew1 youtube

I made this account to counteract all those that are having a laugh at the expense of my late husband Andrew who departed from this world 29 March 94...
SeirinesTheMovie wrote:

πεθανε στα 31 του απο καρκινο του στομαχου... Τζαμπα κουρεψε το μαλλι...

And many other profanities and yes... we all have the freedom of speech, so this is my response to you

I do not know if you are making a mockery of Andrew and his passing of physical death... But we all sow what we reap... No man is exempt from this...Not you, not the laughs of others, noone my friends is exempt of this
In truth it is definately NO SHAME that he cut his hair, that he cut his life away from AXATAK, as it is exactly this cutting away that gave him a true insight to reality of life other than just the apparent we can see and touch here on this earth

Funny, we can laugh now.., What happens later?

You may have placed his video as a COMEDY, and I am glad you uploaded it... as I will be doing the same with his English one and uploading his letters and personal insights.
Andrew is ONE IN A MILLION and if you my friends or I could attain a smidgen of this we wouldnt be here

Ps. This video will work its way in mysterious ways,,,, even if you have a laugh about it.... Its funny to me that you are and whats even funnier is that unbeknowing to your intentions you are doing God's work as well

and for this I thank you.  
MaryAndrew1 youtube  

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